Frequently Asked Questions



How much are the lessons?

Fees relate to each individual’s level / grade.  Taken into consideration are travelling costs to cover petrol and mileage.  You may be entitled to a discount.

Are lessons in a group or private?

Mostly lessons are private with several free group recital lessons (piano workshops) included yearly.

What are the opportunities for interacting with other professional organisations?

The Ryde Festival of Music, the Sydney Eisteddfod are just some opportunities to interact.

What method and materials does she use?

Jennifer uses the Leschetizsky method as well as incorporating other styles and techniques.  Materials are tailored to suit each individual’s musical taste and personal goal.

Will she interact positively with my child and provide stimulus and encouragement?

Jennifer seeks to encourage and provide interest, purpose and passion for learning.

Can I pay fees monthly?

Payment is per term as is the norm with other professions.

Am I able to wait inside the studio whilst my child is in their lesson?

Generally there are far too many distractions for both teacher and pupil to allow the parent in the room during the lesson.  Young children feel more at ease with a parent nearby and this is generally acceptable.

When is the best time to start piano lessons?

This point has been the subject of some debate.  I have taught children as young as 5 who have leapt ahead in their learning quicker than others so I guess it depends very much upon the individual.

Can I do lessons on alternate weeks?

Pupils ought to take weekly lessons to develop consistency.

Who do you use to tune your piano?

Jennifer uses the following piano tuners ~

Mr. Lee from Gospel Pianos
Mobile: 0400 088 051

Michael Gray (Conservatorium Accredited)
Phone: (02) 9971 5840
Mobile: 0411 435 670